23 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour Site #8 - Another estate garden

Just over 4 acres, this property really began it's development in the last 4 1/2 years and is a work in progress.  A long pond with waterfall and a creek, shrub and perennial beds, and a fairy garden maintained by their 7 year old daughter are the features of this estate garden.  We didn't explore other areas of the yard as new sod was just laid the day before so we checked out the water feature and surrounding area.  Not seen are a birdhouse collection and vegetable garden.

Many new ponds suffer from algae bloom.

We found the Loch Ness monster!


22 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Site #7 In the Estates

This garden is often visited by moose, deer and coyotes.  It's out in a wooded area, which it borrows from for the view.  The owner has several large pots of flowers on the raised deck and an enormous pond with waterfall is nearly completed construction.  The deck posts wrapped with dock rope inspired my imagination.  Antiques and a bee watering station are points of conversation on this property.

21 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour - Site #6 Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features

tower garden of vegetables
Lunch break!  Donated by Sobey's, hot dogs and pop were available for a toonie at Aqualine. If you had six stamps on your garden pass, (you get one at each garden you visit as you enter) you received a free water hyacinth as well (we did!). Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features is located out in the countryside, just as site #5 was.  This is a lovely site for a lunch break as you may sit on any of the benches located overlooking ponds and water features. It had rained a bit earlier so the seating was wet but it was just as nice to stand pondside and enjoy a yummy hotdog with the library's secret sauce!  A draw for a gardening books or a bonsai was here as well.  I wonder if I'll win? 

Aqualine Aquatic Plants and Water Features sells tropical and hardy water lilies and marginal aquatic plants.  Feature gardens show you how you can incorporate water into your garden.

Any ideas what this plant is?  The flowers are a delicate pink.

Above, future expansion of the main water feature.

20 July 2016

Friends of the Library Garden Tour 2016 - Site #5 - Garden of the Phoenix

This is my favourite "natural" garden on the tour.  I absolutely love the levels, the pairings, the design, the plants, the pondless waterfalls.  This property was devastated by fire six years ago and in the past five years has been completely rebuilt.  The owners hired a couple to work with them in designing and building the landscape.  The landscapers have since moved to the west coast where they operate their landscaping business.  It's truly what I consider a loss to our area to have them in another province.  

The plants, the owner tells me, were selected from a local greenhouse which is no longer in business but was known for their one of a kind items, exquisite plants and overall serene atmosphere.  That atmosphere translated here with the plantings and the design.  It's an extension of the woods beyond and is one of those gardens you hate to leave.  

The owner said they took the ages of their now teenagers in account when planning.  No tree houses or play sets here.  An expanse of grass immediately behind the house for relaxation was considered a must.  Beyond the lawn is a stunning wall of plantings and a pondless waterfall.  Above this wall is an in-ground fire pit with a semicircle of built-in seating.  The rock work and dry-stacked walls add to the natural feel of this property.

The front exposure includes a circular bed with spruce, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

Leading to the back garden, dry-stacked rock walls enforce the level changes. The remaining photos speak volumes to me so I'll let them speak for themselves to you too.  Enjoy!

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